Monday, July 18, 2011

My Soul: Being Truthful

One thing I consider is one of my greatest attributes yet one that always puts me in question is that; I don't lie!

I hate liars ... I have an inner lie detector that sometimes deviates and suspects truthfulness :)... I vowed a long time ago I can't even recall when, not to lie... that lying is for those who fear consequences... and being unusually self sufficient I hardly think about things that could scare me.

Humans mostly fear death, poverty and sometimes loneliness. knowing for sure I can't stretch my life a second, bring wealth upon myself or make somebody love me for who I am and not for how I look, makes fear in fact unworthy of attention.

So when I'm asked questions I answer them fully and directly when I have excuses, I say them and when I don't have excuses I don't make them up I apologize; and it feels great! It lifts a burden that liars experience, the look of shame that creeps against their will.

Saying the truth gives me the strength that I need to be me! The only drawback, and one that I also don't fear, is how truthfulness has become synonymous with stupidity and naivety. In modern terms you can't be smart and straight forward you have to be sophisticated and a clever liar!

People like me enjoy that inner discipline but find it really hard to bond with the masses who prejudge them, but eventually they find their likes and rejoice in the fact that they are not extinct :)

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